Houston International Festival

On Saturday April 21st, 2007, Sonia and her students performed in Houston’s International Festival for the second year in a row.   This year, Sonia’s World of Dance represented the Houston-Leipzig Sister City Association, Houston’s twelfth sister city partnership. The performance team members had a blast showing off their dance moves.  For the German side of the partnership, the team did the German Polka, Waltz  & the classic Chicken Dance.  For the Americas’ side, the team performed Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Hip Hop & Salsa. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can’t wait to see what wacky dances they’ll get to do next year!!!
Dance_DancingSonia served as a gracious Master of Ceremonies.

ChaCha_Dancing Lily Flowers and Bob Ward performed a slick cha cha.

Polka_Dance_Dancing Suzy Shi and Bob Ward danced a lively polka.

HipHop_Dancing Robbie Ward banged out a romping hip hop solo in honor of his injured teacher Brette Seffens.

Tango_Dancing Christine Chen and Bob Ward executed a romantic Argentine Tango.

Salsa_Dancers_Dancing Jennifer Huang and Jin Lu pulled off a sizzling hot salsa routine.

Waltz_Dancing David & Fei doing a whimsical Waltz.

Chicken_Dance The team imitated the best chickens possiblein this fabulously popular German Oktoberfest dance.

Chicken_Dance_Festival The team joined hands in a ring around the posies to one of the Chicken Dance refrains.