A Spectacular Night of Social Dancing

On Saturday July 21st, Sonia’s World of Dance hosted a free Ballroom Dance Social which featured Salsa, Merengue as well as Country and Western music in addition to traditional Ballroom dance music. The crowd numbered over 50 in attendance, including many members from the Houston Ballroom Meet-Up group.   There were scrumptious hors d’ouevres and delicious red and white wine tasting.  Sonia’s World of Dance instructor Mark and his student Allison Donetto danced a smooth and sensual Rumba.   Next, Sonia’s World of Dance instructor Lizl performed a hypnotizing hip hop and cha cha routine with her 9 year old student Robbie Ward.  Sonia and her student Bob Ward followed them by performing a sassy and vibrant jive routine to Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls of Fire!’  The highlight of the evening was when Sonia’s World of Dance instructors Mark and Lizl performed a sizzling sexy Cha-Cha, which resulted in a standing ovation.

Country Western Night Out with Students!!

On Thursday July 26, Sonia, her instructors, students, friends and ballroom dance meet-up members headed out to the Houston landmark C&W bar Blanco’s nearWest Alabama and Buffalo Speedway.  Sonia sported a nice black cow girl hat with matching black C&W dress and black boots.   Others came in varying degrees of C&W attire, and everyone was 100% ready for C&W dancing in the best of friendly C&W spirit!   That night, Wayne Hubbard’s band played a variety of C&W two step, polka, walz and jitterbug tunes.

Sonia and her instructors had the participants out on the floor for almost every song in this wonderfully decorated and rustic bar.  Blanco’s is owned by the DeBakey family and has been a Houston icon for authentic C&W atmosphere for decades.   In fact, Blanco’s has been honored with Winner “Best Country Bar”, Houston Press Awards for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007!!!   It was high time for Sonia’s World of Dance to strutt the talent of the School’s C&W dance moves at Blanco’s.  Please watch the calendar for another outing to Blanco’s and other C&W bars in the near future.

Sunday Salsa Social @Sonia’s 

“On Sunday July 29th, Sonia’s World of Dance hosted the monthly Sonia’s Sunday Salsa Social from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.   Try saying ‘Sonia’s Sunday Salsa Social’ three times fast!!!   This event is held the last Sunday of each month without failure.  The DJ, Jerome Carter of United Salsa, always plays the best in traditional and jazz salsa as well as rhythmic cha cha music.  Because of the great music and atmosphere, Houston’s most talented and finest salsa dancers come out of the wood work to strut their stuff.  Of course, dancers of all levels attend to learn from the best, and, with crowds easily surpassing 80 each time, there are always plenty of people for even the beginner to enjoy an entire evening of great dancing.  Don’t miss out on this highly popular event!”