Acergy Oil Company Christmas Party

On Saturday December 8th, Sonia’s World of Dance provided entertainment for the Acergy U.S. Inc. Company Christmas party at the Houstonian. Ilya Karash’s Tango teacher’s Intermediate class students Olga, Ruben, Leslie and Bob also known as Tango Passion performed their sizzling tango routine.   Then, Sonia provided group class instruction in Salsa and Merengue.

MD Anderson’s Christmas Party

The very next Saturday, on December 15th, Sonia’s World of Dance was invited to entertain at the MD Anderson Internal Medicine Department’s Christmas party at the Downtown Crown Plaza Hotel.  Once again, Ilya Karash’s Tango Passion students Gigi, James, Leslie and Bob performed their sensual routine with exuberant reception from the crowd.  Next, Troy and Denise; our Mambo dance teachers performed a smoking hot mambo routine that brought the crowd to their feet in an ovation of applause.  Sonia then rounded out the evening with group instruction in Salsa, Merengue and Batchata, handing out a couple of gift certificates as well given the great reception from the MD Anderson folks.

Sonia’s World of Dance wants to thank both Acergy U.S. Inc. and the Internal Medicine Department at MD Andersen for entrusting their holiday party entertainment to the studio.