StripAerobics Students Testimonials


Semi-Private Class/Party For All of My Friends

One of my friends initially told me about SONIA’S StripAerobics.  It sounded very interesting because I’m always looking for fun ways to exercise because I’ve never been a fan of going to the gym. Five of my girlfriends and I signed up for the Saturday morning class together.  And needless to say we loved it!  You get to exercise while listening to good music, laugh with your friends and build self-confidence all at the same time.

My friends and I also have a monthly girls’ night where we do something different every month.  Since we enjoyed the class so much, we decided to have a private class/party for the rest of our friends.  We’ve been having girls’ night for a year, and we had the biggest turnout that night hands down!  Everyone really enjoyed themselves and several are planning on signing up for the class in the future.

Michele Garcie

My Wonderful Bachelorette Party

For my bachelorette party, a few friends and I took a striptease class at Sonia’s World of Dance. The class was great! The teacher maintained a light, fun atmosphere throughout the class. She was able to teach in a way that my friends who have danced their whole lives, and my friends with little or no dance experience were able to pick up the steps.

As a dancer, I was weary about taking the class as it seemed that many companies I found online used teachers with little dance experience. I was pleased to discover that our teacher is a fit, excellent dancer with a professional resume.

The class involved a quick warm-up and a short combination using a chair. It was so much fun both performing the combination and laughing with my friends as we strutted our stuff together!

In addition, the staff at Sonia’s was wonderful. They provided a table for us to open gifts, have cake and indulge in libations. They were professional, on time and very friendly.

We thoroughly enjoyed the class and highly recommend it for all bachelorettes!

Sonia’s StripAerobics For Women
DATE: August 06, 2012
TIME: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
8 week course
COST: $240.00
Email to register: