Sonia’s StripAerobics… (An Invigorating Workout)

Sonia’s StripAerobics for Women
DATE: August 06, 2012
TIME: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
8 week course
COST: $240.00
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For women looking to shed their inhibitions along with excess weight, Sonia’s StripAerobics at Sonia’s World of Dance is an excellent workout choice.

Sonia’s StripAerobics is a workout designed to allow women to shed their inhibitions- not their clothes. This class is not about baring it all, but looking and feeling good about one’s body regardless of size, shape or fitness level. It intends to appeal to a wider demographic such as older women, people who have never danced before, or people who may have spent their whole lives on a treadmill.

Instructor Melanie Belk stresses the mental and physical benefits of Sonia’s StripAerobics. “Sonia’s StripAerobics is a fun low impact aerobic workout for women of all ages and sizes,” said Belk. “It helps build more than just a better body. It helps women build a positive self-image and confidence.”

Sonia’s StripAerobics has been said to make one’s cheeks flush- but only in a healthy, invigorating way. Despite its exclusively erotic appeal, this program was still constructed to make students sweat. It promises both a fat-burning, hard workout and a safe arena to relax and move one’s body. Fitness experts who have participated in similar programs comment on how surprised they are by how hard they worked and how much fun they had building up a sweat in such a unique approach.

Sonia’s StripAerobics is one of several group classes, in addition to private lessons in ballroom, Latin, and country-western offered at Sonia’s World of Dance in Houston, Texas.