Sonia’s StripAerobics…: A beautiful inspiration (article)

Could you imagine being able to lose weight while developing your stripper abilities?  This dance technique helps to strengthen legs, gluteus, arms, and abdomen.  Teri Hatcher, Lucy Liu, Christina Applegate, Jennifer Love Hewitt and even Bachelor Bob Guiney are already devotees. Carmen Electra and Sheila Kelley liked it so much that they launched their own versions of the exercise.

Sonia’s StripAerobics is one of several group classes, in addition to private lessons in ballroom, Latin, and country-western offered at Sonia’s World of Dance in Houston, Texas.  However, while the class encourages sensuality, owner Sonia Khan Farr’s method focuses on helping one to shed their self-consciousness, not their clothing. Regardless of the provocative title, this program is nothing more than a cool and distinctive way to stay in shape.  Sonia’s StripAerobics has a special place in the heart of Sonia’s studio for its positive effects on women’s self-esteem and more eminently, how the class came about.

In 2007, one of Sonia’s long-term, dedicated students developed a cancerous tumor in her brain.  Like most cancer patients, the student experienced the devastating side effects of chemotherapy, including the loss of her hair and her self-esteem.  Her spouse approached Sonia about ideas to help make his wife feel more confident.  Sonia then proceeded to coordinate a class for this student, structured to help her reclaim her inner and outer beauty. The class began as a process, starting with simply re-learning how to walk in heels, and before she knew it, this cancer survivor remembered what it was like to feel beautiful again.

Since then, Sonia’s StripAerobics has flourished to become one of the most requested group classes at Sonia’s World of Dance.  It continues to change lives by granting confidence, self-esteem and physical balance. Who could imagine that a dance that at first glance projects exclusively sensuality could do so much more for a woman?