Intensive Group Courses

dsc_0139Latin Styling/Technique Class
Learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & Cumbia Technique & Styling
Day: Every Friday
Time: 7:30pm  8:30pm
Tuition: $15

Our Intensive GroupCourses (unless otherwise noted) begin a new session each month. Each course so that within a month, you are learning moves that build off each other. Because of this, enrollment in each class must take places before the session starts. This ensures that everyone learns together and no one is left behind!
Couples & Singles are most welcome in all classes.

The best way to get started with Intensive Group Courses is to register for our Dancing For People with Two Left Feet Course. Despite whether you believe you have two left feet or not, everyone can benefit from this class as it is structured to introduce you to the music and pair it with the dance style that best suits it.

This class is a beginners class and can be taken as many times as needed. At the end of the course the instructor will discuss your progress and recommend a dance program for you.



Contact us to Register or build your own class

713 787 9111

Dancing For People With Two Left Feet

Feel like you have two left feet? Weve designed this class just for you! No rhythm, no coordination, no problem! This class will help you understand the music you are dancing to in order to get you moving with confidence on that dance floor. Once you feel comfortable moving to the different styles of music, you will be ready to join all the wonderful classes we offer!

Line Dancing

Ever been on the dance floor and the DJ plays that one song that sets everyone moving in sync? You want to join in but you dont know the moves. This class is dedicated to teaching you those moves so you arent the wallflower while everyone else is having fun! Learn a variety of Line dances, new ones taught each month.

Beginning/Intermediate Country Western – Two-step, Country Shuffle & Jitterbug

Whether you are new to town or lived here all your life, Country Western dancing is a must, even if you only pull it out of your bag of tricks during the Rodeo. Learn Country Shuffle to the fast songs, mix Swing and Two Step together to impress!

Beginning/Intermediate Latin Dancing- Merengue & Bachata

Latin dancing is a must in Houston! The enticing rhythms move you to join in with the crowd and this class will teach you the moves to get you feeling confident spinning around the dance floor.

Hip Hop Group Class

Whether you are new to Hip Hop or have been doing it all your life, this class is great for you. New routines introduced each class to keep you on your toes and having fun.

Lets get some swag in your step!

Beginning Salsa

Salsa, and the Ballroom version Mambo, uses syncopated footwork combined with quick kicks and lightning turns to express the incredible energy of the music.

Intermediate Salsa

This class is for those of you out there that already know how to Salsa! In this lesson you were learn more advanced moves that you can dance to impress on the dance floor. If you love to dance Salsa and want to learn more moves, join this class!

Let’s Dance PARTY

This class is a preview lesson before our party! In this lesson we will show you the basics of the styles of dances we will be dancing at our party that night. This class will be a slightly more extensive version of the brief instruction we give before each song at the party. This class comes with admission to our Practice Party for the whole month.

Single Party $5

Every Fridays 8:00-9:30pm