Corporate Employee Wellness Program

One of the services our studio provides is teaching dance to benefit mental & physical health; we are proud to be a partner with many Corporations that encourage their employees to lead lifestyles that are healthier.

Corporations may implement many types of health promotion programs for their employees & Sonia’s World of Dance is one of them. We provide classes that are created to meet each corporations Employee Wellness Program.

Employee Wellness program at Sonia’s World of dance falls under “Dance Therapy.” We offers group classes opens to only employs once or twice a week, we teach Latin, Social, Ballroom, Country Western or any other style of dance that the Corporate Wellness Program Organizers want us to.

Besides offering group classes at our studio, we also offers 10% off on our other group class & private lessons to employees, to reach this exclusive discount the employee have to show their ID.

If you are interested in offering this program to your employees, please email to customize a dance therapy course.


Sonia’s World of Dance, LLC is partners with:

Harris County Hospital District

Continental & United Airlines