Children’s Dance Lessons

We offer variety of lessons from Modern Ballet to Hip Hop to Ballroom & Latin.

For our younger students, it’s a world of energetic moves to entice their true selves to be explored. For those who are older, it offers the challenge to achieve professional distinction without the competition setting that so often leads to tension and anxiety.

At Sonia’s, students are treated as individuals. We take them kindly and assertively from one stage to the next, as they perfect quality in technique. Our highly skilled teaching personnel converse their passion of the dance, combining it with the ultimate joy of movement.

For the duration of your child’s stay with us, they will constantly shine as a true example of our mission: To train great dancers in Houston while emphasizing the development of the entire child, creatively, individually, athletically and socially.

We hope that this cultivating environment will provide a sanctuary for all of our young dancers so they will be eagerly looking forward to their next class.



Children’s Class Parent & Student Handbook and Studio Policy

Tuition: Tuition is due in full at registration or by payment plan. If payment plan is chosen, payment must be made on or before the first lesson of each semester. If you are on a payment plan, then all payments must be received by the 10th of the month or a late payment fee will be added to your statement ($10 late fee). Tuition is not adjusted because of unattended lessons. All tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. A $20.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks. There are no refunds or reduction in tuition for missed class.

Please make checks payable to the Sonia’s Word Of Dance, LLC.

Drop Policy: A written 3-day notice is required to drop a class. You will be responsible for tuition (and will be billed) until a written drop notice is given. No refunds on costumes after they have been ordered.

Placement: Classes are arranged for students based on age and ability. During the year, students may be transferred to other classes if it is necessary and in the best interest of the student. Many factors are considered in determining placement of a student. The instructor places students into the next level based on ability, attitude, consistency in work, musicality, and physical and emotional readiness.

Class Dates: Please check with the SWOD, LLC for the class schedule.

Recital: Participation in the recital is not required but recommended. To participate in the recital the student will have to purchase a costume(s). The approximate cost of the costume will be $50-$100 per. We do our best to select acceptable costumes at reasonable prices. We try to order “two in one” costumes for the younger students but these are getting harder to find. Costumes at the higher end of the estimated cost scale are usually adult sizes. Most require some type of “assembly” which consists of a small amount of sewing (straps, buttons, etc…) that will be parent’s responsibility. We will collect a full amount of the costume price before it is ordered. If your child will not be participating in the recital, please let us know BEFORE costumes are ordered. There will be no refunds on costumes after they are ordered.

Approximate extra recital cost: (1)Recital Fee cover cost of the production including auditorium rent, insurance, sound equipment, props, and miscellaneous expenses. (2) Pictures $18-$35 (depends on package ordered) (3) T-shirts $15.00, Sweatshirts $25.00 (optional) (4) VHS or DVD $20-$25 (optional)

Class Attire: Street shoes are not permitted in the studio at any time.

Ballet: Solid colored (pink or black) tights and solid plain (pink or black) leotard. No tutus or scarf skirts. Dance skirts are okay just clear them with the teacher. Hair must be secured out of the face, in a bun if possible. All dancers must come to class in the proper dance attire, leotard & tights. Please no dance pants & half tops.

Hip Hop & Tap: Black tap shoes. Solid colored (pink or black) tights and solid plain (pink or black) leotard. No tutus or scarf skirts. For beginner levels, tap shoes should have elastic bands. Please remove ties and sew in elastic. No Velcro straps. Hair must be secured out of the face either in a ponytail or bun. Boys: White plain t-shirt, and plain black shorts or pants. Shoes: Pink ballet, black tap, and black jazz shoes. Dance shoes are required for all students to protect from injury. Please put names in each of your child’s shoes. Proper dance shoes are an important part of your child’s dance experience. For beginner levels, tap shoes should have elastic bands. We do not want to use valuable class time, putting on tap shoes. Other places you can purchase shoes and dance attire: Shoes may be purchased from Payless on their web site at Larger Walmart stores carry leotards, tights, and shoes

*Important policy: No gum is allowed in the studio. Please remove jewelry before dance class. Remove your street shoes before entering the dance studio, and always take dance shoes off before going outside. Dance shoes should not be worn outside on concrete.

Pick up/Drop off
” Parents are responsible for delivering their child to the instructor at the time of class.
” Students who are not SWOD, LLC members are to be dropped off and picked up no more than 10 minutes before or after class.
” All students are expected to take a seat in the waiting area to wait for class to start or to be picked up.
” No running around the dance studio.
” Please make sure your child does not wear dance shoes outside of the SWOD, LLC.
” Parents make sure that their child should take care of their restroom needs before class starts.
” Parents may wait for students at the tables and chairs in reception area
” Siblings should be with the parents or guardian at all times and are not allowed in the class.” Parents, please supervise your younger children at all times. If you are a little late in picking up your child, the child will be expected to wait inside the dance room with the instructor until you arrive at the SWOD, LLC. Please visit with your child about this so they are not running around the SWOD, LLC. We ask this because we can’t be responsible for your child if they’re not in our sight.

Parents’ Responsibilities: During times of discouragement parental support is vital. In these days of instant gratification, dance is one art form that requires good old hard work. The discipline required by dance comes not only from the dancer, but from his/her parents. Regular attendance, willing participation and eagerness to take what he/she is given and make it her own, are qualities that carry youngsters through many lessons in life. Several times throughout the year, and especially at recital time, we will be asking for parent volunteers. The involvement of parents is very important. When we need you most is at recital time for “backstage moms”. Please start considering now how you can help out at recital time. We have provided a number of ways to watch the performance while you are helping out. We will sign up volunteers for recital and will host a Recital Tea to go over the responsibilities for the recital weekend.

Lobby Etiquette: Observing your child’s class from the lobby area is a privilege. We feel it is important for parents to see their child’s work in progress, please try not to distract your child or the class. Please do not allow conversations in the lobby to get too loud. Also, don’t allow other siblings to knock on door, etc…you are responsible for keeping them under control in the lobby area.

Class Visitation: Parents and visitors are only allowed in the classroom to observe the class the first week and the last week of the month. (Parent Visitation Week). The presence of either party is a distraction to the students during class. You are more than welcome to observe through the windows on the door. It is important for parents to see their child’s work, however please try not to distract your child or the class.