“To dance is to share – to share is to teach.” – Selayma

Here are some of the services we offer; if you’re looking for something you don’t see here, give us a call at 713-392-8086 and we’ll make it happen!

Private Lessons!

Private lessons are the heart of our method of teaching social dancing to beginners.  Have you been bored or ignored in group dance lessons, or overwhelmed, or all of these at once?  Our knowledgeable instructors will tailor your private lessons to your own individual pace of learning, strengths and weaknesses, and will focus on what interests you.  You will have your instructor?s undivided attention, in a private studio room.  In addition, we will arrange the lessons to fit your schedule.  All you need are comfortable shoes (it’s easier if your soles aren’t rubber) and comfortable clothes.  We teach singles or couples.  Email Sonia to arrange your One (20 minutes) introductory private lessons for just $30 (the same cost as most group lessons!).

Semi-Private Lessons!

Semi-Private Lessons are a great alternative to get more attention, while putting a little less strain on your wallet with private lessons. Minimum of four people are required to start a semi-private class, but to keep that one on one feel, we only allow up tp 6 people. If you get would like to start a class or have an event coming up where dancing is applied, just round up a few friends and WA LA! You have yourself a small & familiar dance class. If you have any questions or feel this is something you’re interested in please email us at

Special Event Lessons!

Would you like to add something to your party, club meeting, or social organization that no one will forget?  Spice it up with a dance lesson for your whole group!  We will work with you to customize a lesson series just for your particular organization’s interests.  You’ll instantly have people you know to go out dancing with!  Email Sonia to schedule a memorable special group lesson!

Wedding Dance Choreography!

Is your BIG DAY just around the corner?  Let us help you get ready for your special Wedding Dance!  We will discuss your wedding and your desires to decide on the style of your wedding dance.  Then we will get down to business!  We will choreograph it from start to finish, and then rehearse it until you can dance it with confidence and class!  When you view your wedding videos years from now, you will have a dance you can be proud of!  Email Sonia to arrange for an appointment.

Dance Performances!

Let us spice up your special event with an exciting, beautiful dance performance!  Adding a sensuous tango, romantic rumba, or rocking jive to your birthday party, charity ball, dinner party, or other special occasion will make it an event your guests will never forget!  Email Sonia to arrange for an appointment to discuss your event.

Pro-Am Dance Competitions!

Experience the excitement and fun of a ballroom dance competition!  I’ll be the Pro and you’ll be the Am, and we’ll dance the night away and win lots of trophies together!  Because there are different levels of competition, you don’t have to be an experienced dancer to enjoy the thrill of competition. Email Sonia to discuss what it takes to be a competitor.